Watch: Kenyan man Kills his 4 months old baby


A 23 year old Kenyan man has been arrested after he killed his 4 months old baby.

In a trending video shared online ,the man is seen assaulting his wife using a belt while the baby is crying ,He is then seen grabbing the baby and tossing him over to a sofa but the baby falls into a concrete floor and dies on the spot.

The police report revealed that the incident which happened in the early hours of Tuesday morning, January 25, was reported by the suspect’s father.

Warning: the video below contains graphic images and is not suitable for sensitive viewers

According to sources it is said that the heated argument which lead to the man assaulting the woman was about the paternity of the child.

This is what the father of The man had to say 

“My daughter-in-law came running to my house telling me that her husband has killed their baby boy,” he said.

    “We are still in shock because we don’t understand why he would do such a heinous act and kill an innocent child,” added Kiguro


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