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A video of what appears to be a ritual has left people in awe, with their hands covering their mouths.
Others, however, are not surprised because they believe that such things exist. The majority of people believe that in this video, the rituals were performed for the sake of fame and wealth. “Let me put it this way, after this ritual, these guys will be buying at Steyn City and have Bentley and Royce Roll hard at work processing their orders the first week”, one user said.


However, one person attempted to persuade them otherwise. “This is a ritual to cleanse your generation of curses and elevate yourself; it’s goat blood, so everyone relaxes”, he tweeted.


The video of three Nigerian men circulating on social media platforms appears to be unsettling. Since then, social media users have contributed their fair share.

Other rituals are associated with witchcraft because they require blood; as a result, one must sacrifice their loved one to obtain wealth. Three men inside a hut were covered in goat blood and carried what appeared to be an animal feather in a pot in the video. They were told to hold the pot while it burned.

“A substance explodes in your face and someone says “Hol da ting”😭”.


Keneiwe Mofokeng

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