watch: man drops fridge while doing the umlando dance challenge

Watch as the man drops the fridge while doing the umlando challenge.

 A man left Saffas laughing out loud after taking his take on the Umlando dance challenge currently hitting the trend on tik-tok.

In a video shared on social media, the man is seen climbing up on a fridge, and just when he is about to dance the fridge just comes down with him and makes a loud bang.
South Africans showed no mercy and to the comments section joked about the incident with one peep saying “it’s the ah ah ah for me ” referring to the man who said that in the video. 
Watch the video below 

The challenge sees peeps dancing using their waist, butt, and feet to dance while holding on to an object.
Here are some hilarious reactions shared on a Facebook post posted by South Africa Daily 

Mofokeng Philemon said, “I see none of that Umlando challenge, the guy intended to bring down the fridge 🤣🤣”


Selaelo Ralethe said “that was an honest mistake, he now can go into the tv room dance, and hang on the mounted tv on the wall”

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