eThekwini Municipal Employee Assassinated: Ottawa ~KZN

Image: RUSA

eThekwini Municipal Employee Assassinated in Ottawa ~KZN
A 36-year-old female that was employed as a supervisor for the eThekwini Municipality was sadly shot on Old Main Road outside the Water and Sanitation Depot in Ottawa a short while ago. 
A passer-by called RUSA after two men fled the scene in a Red Seat Ibiza, the registration number is unknown. At approximately 15:07, the Reaction Officers and RUSA MEDICS were dispatched to the scene. 
 A female was located next to a water tank lying on the ground. It is said that she had been shot multiple times, on the face and on the body and because she showed ko signs of life, she was then declared dead by the medics at the scene. 
Ten 9mm cartridges were recovered near her body. 
Her colleagues claim that the female was in charge of trucks used to distribute water to areas that are experiencing disruptions. They also said that she had just returned from Tongaat when she was sadly gunned down. 
The police are still investigating the motive of the murder. 
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