Tito mboweni becomes a laughing stock.

image: Tito Mboweni twitter 

The former finance minister Tito Mboweni became a laughing stock on Twitter after posting his frustrations about the monkeys who Pooped on his kitchen and his dining chairs.
The post read 
“Now I know the meaning of the expression: monkey business? They got into my house and made a mess and good on my chair yesses”
Saffas took to the comments section to compare the mess the monkeys made with the food he cooked.
Here are some of the hilarious comments from the tweet.

@Mkhuli said “the shoes were also part of the business? polish would do justice to the mandlephe shoes. As for the rest of the items donate them to the needy. Start cooking before it’s late makoti.

aBloodyFool said, ” they should have stolen those shoes😂😂😂🤣”
Nolwande Nxumalo said “they came for those shoes before they got mad when they couldn’t find them”

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