Watch| Zahara ‘s tipsy performance at Macufe Divas Concert in Bloemfontein

Fans and followers of Zahara expressed their displeasure with their favourite musician, on her alleged intoxicated performance in Bloemfontein on Friday night. The musician has allegedly relapsed from her alcohol addiction.

A video of her sounding tipsy while performing has gone viral on social media. However, the talented singer has denied being tipsy while performing. Instead, she claims that her video was manipulated and that people are attempting to dim her light.

Taking to Twitter , Zahara posted a short clip of her live performance at Macufe and cautioned it, “Don’t edit things to make me look bad; God is always good. Stop with the nonsense “. Some attendees at the festival, however, disagreed with her. This includes the young woman who shared Zahara’s video and chastised her for her actions.

“Why would I deliberately lie about you? The video I posted was taken from Facebook live, so it could not have been edited. This 15-second video still proves my point. I dare you to tweet your entire performance now “.


Zahara’s live performance

“We watched from the social media lives of our friends, fam. This is exactly how you sounded. Accept responsibility for your mess, apologize, and promise to do better the next time. We know you at your best, and what happened here was inappropriate “.

The singer is a recovering alcoholic who has since lost a lot of things, including her house. However, Mzansi’s good Samaritans came to her rescue and donated money.

Nota Baloyi weighed in on Zahara’s performance.

“Zahara will not be able to recover until she apologizes to TK Nciza and DJ Sbu for all of the lies she’s told about them. Substances will continue to plague her until then. She used to say she didn’t want to end up like Brenda Fassie, but now she’s doing everything she can to be like her!”


“If event organizers stop booking Zahara because she drinks before performing, she’ll cry foul and make videos demanding money from DJ Sbu.”



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