Man arrested for sexually assaulting two minors at a mosque

images: RUSA

A 23 year old man has been arrested for molesting two girls aged 6 and 5 in a toilet of a mosque in Verulam , KZN.
Reaction Unit South Africa was called up to a scene where the man was being assaulted by a crowd with approximately 60 to 80 people.
It is said that the man called up the two girls while they were playing in the yard next to the mosque.
The two girls then followed the man to the toilet where he removed their pants and sexually assaulted them and then giving the 6 year old R20 and the younger girl R12 before asking them to go home.
Upon arrival the six year old informed her mother about what transpired and she then railed the community and confronted the suspect.
It is said that during the Questioning the man then admitted to molesting both girls and the crowd Began assaulting him.
According to the community members the suspect arrived in the area two years ago from Johannesburg. He was unable to get a job and ended up living as a vagrant.
About 3 weeks ago he was given an opportunity to stay in the mosque in exchange of him doing odd jobs.
The suspect was handed to the police .

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