Thembi Seete looks more younger than before, check her pictures

Thembi Seete career begun from humble beginning were she was the member of the group called BoomShaka during the 90s singing along with the likes of Lebo Mathosa.

She became solo during the early 2000 were she realesed her own album but many people still thinks that her acting career is the one that her boosted her music.

But some must not forget that she is quiet a good dancer on stage and maybe entertain people goes through her blood because this is what people loves to see everyday.

Her acting career kept on shining when she join mzanzi magic telenovela Gomora were she kept her adiunce alive and you can see how she was trending on social media and it showed that the lady meant nothing but business as usual.

A good thing about her is that she can multitask and be able to do a good job that amazes people, and her stunning beauty is what kept her attracting many people on the television industry.

Seete career is inspiration to many people because her age doesn’t stop her of getting what she wants.

Maybe it’s time for young artists to learn something from this beautiful woman because she keeps on shining everyday when she is on television.

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