Makhadzi remains undefeated Queen of Limpopo music

Makhadzi  is an award winning musician from Limpopo who grace music lovers with her dancing songs.

Her story to success is something that many young ladies across the country are dreaming about because she comes from a province of less opportunities with high challenges of tenageers who has given up on life.

Many artists knows that this game doesn’t last forever and you have to use the opportunity that you have like never before, so that you can wait for the possibilities that may come on the way.

But with the challenges that artists faces in this industry it’s not easy for someone like Makhadzi to have been getting lots of bookings.

Many events organisers are desperate to book her and it’s clear that she is all out to make sure that her career in music does not end soon, because it also provides some income for her.

She has just perform on the Carling Cup match in Polokwane on Saturday and people were happy to see how their favorite artist was conducting herself towards her fans.

What is also surprising about her is that she also supports other artists from Limpopo, and many people would not forget about the wonderful performance that he made on SAMAS when she fetured Skomota.

She has also won some international awards and what we are waiting for this time is her gig guide because we know she won’t miss a trip of going overseas like UK and Australia to perform on those country.

This shows that this talented musisian remain undefeated and willing to go extra miles with her career that is well recognised across the world.


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