Jub Jub loses his cool on live interview

A video has been going around on social media were the Newsroom Afrika presenter Thembekile Mrototo was interviewing Jub Jub about his past life and the challenges that he had on his career.

But the television presenter was starting to hit out on Thembekile saying how do he feel if his brother was falsely accused of raped and been sentenced to prison for something that he didn’t do.

The question was too tough for the journalist because of the audience that might feel he is taking side, but Jub Jub pushed the guy until he give the side of the story saying that not all convicted criminal have done that crime.

Things got worse when Jub Jub continued to say that he blames the justice system because it’s not handling this things fairly.

It looks like prison life has created serious wounds on Jub Jub heart and maybe someone meeds to reach out to him.


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