The real truth about Dr Mathew Lani

While the country is still divided about what happened about their favorite tiktok Dr who has just shocked the people about his qualification.

Sources has indicated Mathew Lani has confessed to his followers on tiktok that he doesn’t have matric but he studied medicine at Cambridge which came as a huge shock for the college because they have denied everything that he said.

The Gauteng department of health has also removed Lani from the activities that he was doing which becomes a huge blow from him because he will have to go back and study.

But who to blame on this issue because he was not suppose to get this job while he doesn’t have qualification which causes a huge concern in the department of health about the corruption that might happened on that department.

Education is very important but its something that you have to go exra miles to make sure that you deserve all the qualifications that you have so that you won’t get caught on a scam in the future.

While South Africans are still concern about the government on how should implement harsh steps about this whole situation which has divided the whole country.

Some institutions will have to work hard to make sure that they provide quality education.

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