SkeemSaam|War never ends between Leeto and Kat

Kat recent behavior towards Leeto is starting to irritate the most respected lawyer in Turf after the little conversation that they had.

This time Leeto has threatened Kat to tell Koko Mantsha about his wonderful moments that he had on Friday which lead him to bring girls to Koko’s house and it got worse after realising that the girl was a prostitute.

Leeto future hangs in balance because there’s a court case that is waiting for him and statement like this can jeopardise his chances of winning that case because of the bad activities happening on that club.

But it looks someone knows something about the prostitutes in Bazaruto and it’s time Leeto finds out about this whole chaos that is happening under his house.

On the other sides Charlers dreams of seen his going to private school becomes difficult because of the expensive fees that the school has, but he will have to think hard because the competition that he has with the Maputlas will sink his pockets dry.

The Maputlas have been in business for a while and Thabo has made couple of bucks while in China and he can soon find a well paying paying after the interviews that he had last week.

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