WATCH OUT: Suspect Threatens to amputate woman’s hand during a house robbery


A KZN couple along with their 21-year-old son were assaulted during a house robbery in Dawncrest on Thursday afternoon.

It is said that The family was having dinner when they heard a noise in their yard.
It was then that the 50-year-old Victim went out to investigate but was met with a gun pointing at him upon opening the door.
The suspects then asked the victim to let them in the house and he complied, the suspect was then joined by 3 other accomplices.
They then assaulted the couple and their son while they ransacked their house in search of valuables.
The 44-year-old female victim was then asked to remove her gold bangles, the Rob era then threatened to amputate her hands when they noticed she was struggling to remove them.
The suspects managed to steal cellphones, cash, jewellery, a CZ 83 pistol from a safe, and a laptop.
According to a witness, it is said that the suspects were in a silver VW Polo (registration unknown).
The public has been urged to be on high alert as suspects are believed to be sought for a spate of home invasions.
It is said that they Kure their victims to the front door where they will be confronted by an armed suspect who will threaten to shoot them if he is not let in.
The robbers are dangerous and do not hesitate to use force on their victims. 
Source: Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA)

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