22 years old man was killed after fighting off a suspect who wanted to rape his girlfriend | KZN

Image: RUSA

KZN – A 22-year-old man was killed and his girlfriend injure during a shooting incident at the cornubia flats on Saturday morning.
According to the deceased’s girlfriend, they were accosted by a lone gunman shortly after walking home from a local tavern.
It was then that the suspect demanded that she follow him to a dense bush where she believes he intended to rape her.
She then attempted to flee while her boyfriend fought off the suspect, during the scuffle shots were fired Killing the male and injuring the female.
Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) was called up to the scene by SAPS, On arrival they found the male lying on the side of the road with a gunshot wound on his head and was declared dead on the scene.
His girlfriend sustained a gunshot wound on her left buttock before being transported to a medical facility by an ambulance.
The suspect fled into the dense bush

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