Two traffic officers arrested after demanding a bribe.

Image: SAPS 
Two traffic officers arrested after demanding a bribe.
When corrupt officials allow motorists who ride vehicles that are not at all roadworthy to proceed with their journey, or allow those who speed without giving them tickets, they potentially are endangering the lives of the other road users. 
On 22 April 2022 at approximately 11:00, two traffic officers demanded a sum of R1500 from a complainant who wanted to release his vehicle after it they seized it in Bultfontein towards Bloemfontein. It is said that the complainant reported the incident and then the members of the Welkom K9 Unit as well as the Bloemfontein K9 Unit managed to track the officers down. 
The officers were searched and money money amounting to R1500 was found in their possession. Both the female(45) and male(32) Provincial Traffic Officers were arrested and they are facing corruption charges and they are expected to appear before the Bultfontein Magistrates Court on 25 April 2022. 
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