Rape accused escapes mob trying to stab him

A 29 year old man accused of rape narrowly escaped mob justice after community members came to his Assistance on Saturday in Stanmore.


Reaction Unit South Africa was called up  community members reporting that a man was being chased by a mib which wanted to stab him.
When reaction Unit responded to the scene the man then explained that a he and a group of friends met for drinks at a tavern in Stanmore last night. 
This morning he received a call from a female who was at the same tavern last night. She informed him that she was raped after leaving the premises. She then asked to meet with him at a house in Foresthaven, KZN. The man hired a vehicle and shortly after his arrival was accosted by a group of people consisting of males and females. 
They repeatedly accused him of raping the female. During the confrontation, a woman in the crowd threw chilli powder on his face. The female’s boyfriend, who was also with them at the tavern last night then produced a knife and attempted to stab him. The man fled on foot with the mob in close pursuit. As he approached Montmore Road residents in that area prevented the group from attacking him. The mob then left. 
The 29 year-old further explained that he had no knowledge of the rape and left the tavern at approximately 01:00. The female allegedly remained with her boyfriend. He claimed that she was using Crack Cocaine. 
Reaction Officers attempted locating the female however the address provided to the man was incorrect.
Source: RUSA

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