Man discovered dead under a pile of mats and mattresses


Image: Rusa

A 28-year-old man was murdered in his neighbor’s home in the early hours of Monday, Trenance Park, KZN.

The body of Preston John was recovered after a homeowner called Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) for help as he noticed a hand sticking out from a pile of mats after peering through the window of an outbuilding. He couldn’t confirm whether Preston was asleep or deceased.

RUSA officers went to the property where the out was located. They then forced open the metal door and removed the pile of mats and a mattress and found the body of Preston John.

He was then declared deceased and it is believed that the victim was suffocated to death and the suspect tried to hide the crime by hiding his body under the mattress.

A known male from La Mercy beach – Tongaat, was said to be seen using drugs earlier on the premises.

Both the deceased’s keys and cellphone were missing and a case of murder is being investigated.

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