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A homeowner was assaulted and stabbed by his former tenant along with three other males in his home in Tongaat, KZN.
It is said that neighbours called Reaction Unit South Africa around 18:26 seeking help following the attack.
According to the victim his former tenant whom he evicted a few weeks ago arrived at his house with three other males under the influence of alcohol.
The four man began assaulting him before stabbing him on his leg. The man then preceded by Breaking the window of the victim’s vehicle.
The victim also mentioned that he tried fighting off his attackers but they overpowered him.
The victim then managed to break free and rushed to a neighbour’s house for help.
Reaction Unit’s officers searched for the suspects on the residents but they had already fled the scene.
The victim has since been transported to a medical facility and said he is going to open a criminal case against his attackers once discharged.
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