Herdsmen spot “decomposing” in oakford – KZN

image: Getty images ( a representative image of a body bag)

Herdsman Spot “Decomposing” Body: Oakford ~KZN 
At approximately 16:02 this afternoon, members of RUSA were called out to Osindisweni in KZN after a herdsman told the community members that he had located a body in a dense bush. 
Reaction Officers rushed to the scene where they found the community members. The herdsman was too traumatized to stay and wait for the Officers to get to the scene. He had told the community members about his discovery and further explained to them that the body was already decomposing. 
The community members could not provide the officers with an exact location of where the body was located, but they were able to direct them to where the herdsman claimed the body was. 
The Reaction Officers requested aerial support and the RUSA helicopter lifted off and conducted a low-level search of the area. During their search, the officers came across an individual who claimed to be the one who operated a sand mining business in the area he later explained to them that his employee entered the bush earlier with the herdsman who claimed to have made the discovery. It is said that a jacket was found instead of a body. Therefore, the search was called off.

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