Update: Baby nadia has been rescued

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Baby Nadia who was allegedly forcefully taken from a Dawncrest, KZN home on 05/03/2022 at 22:30 by her uncle (mother’s brother) has been rescued by members of Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) within hours after being approached by her grandfather.

Nadia Veerasamy (14 months old) was allegedly sold after her drug-addicted mother abandoned her in Isipingo, KZN in January 2022. The guardian passed on and the grandfather then took custody of the child. Her father is unknown and her mother cannot be located.

According to the grandfather, the child was forcefully removed with her birth certificate by his son who lives in Ramsgate, Port Shepstone. This is days after a couple in a silver Mercedes-Benz (picture 3) arrived at a family get together to view Baby Nadia. They hastily left after an altercation. After unsuccessful attempts to locate the child the emotional grandfather sought assistance from RUSA.

Reaction Officers working on this matter since 10:00 this morning (Wednesday) followed leads between Verulam and the KZN South Coast. Baby Nadia was eventually located with an Indian couple in Reservoir Hills, KZN. The coupleise not related to the child and are unknown to the family. Reaction Officers also located the Mercedes-Benz used to remove the child from her Dawncrest, KZN home. Officers approached the house and located Baby Nadia on the upper level of the residence. She was in the care of an elderly female. According to the couple, they approached Nadia’s uncle requesting for the baby to be given to them as they could not bore children. They did not confirm how much was paid for the child.

When contacted, the uncle misled Reaction Officers dealing with this matter that the child was in his care in Ramsgate, Port Shepstone. He added that he would make a video call later this afternoon to confirm this. He was unaware that Reaction Officers has obtained information that the baby was in Reservoir Hills.

Reaction Officers are currently (12:05) transporting Baby Nadia to unite her with her legal guardians.

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