Shebeen Owner murdered in KZN


A 31-year-old Shebeen owner was shot to death during a home invasion in Osindisweni, KZN in the early hours of Tuesday.

Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) members were dispatched to the scene around 04:39 after they received a call about the incident from the deceased’s sister.
When RUSA medic arrived on the scene they were directed to a room where the man was found lying on a sofa.
The man had a gunshot wound on his head and chest and was pronounced dead as he showed no signs of life.
It is said that the victim was asleep in his room along with his girlfriend when 3 suspects entered the room through a window and forced them to lay down and open the door.
The suspects then fired shots at the passage when the victim’s brother refused to open the door.
The suspects then broke the door and gained access to the room and an altercation broke out which lead to the victim being shot.
The suspects then continued to the Shebeen where they stole alcohol and an undisclosed amount of cash before they fled the scene.

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