Video: Watch as primary school pupils are found with okapi knives

A recent video that showed up online has sparked concern as two primary pupils were found with pocket knives also known as Okapi knives.

It is still unclear which school these kids go to but concerned South Africans have called on for action with some saying that they learned this from their parents.
NB: The faces of the children have been blurred out for their privacy and safety as they are still minors.

Here are some reactions to the video
Kabel Skay Dee said, “They don’t deserve to be punished, they should be guided clearly. This is something they picked up at home hence further digging should be done to source the problem”.

Alberto de Oliveira said, “Their facial expression says it all, they don’t even notice what they’ve done is wrong. Let’s open our schools to these 2 little kids”.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this comment down below.
NB: the video was supplied to us and the comments are sourced from South Africa daily on Facebook.

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