Family Confirms the death of Ricky Rick


The death of rapper South African Ricky Rick has been confirmed by the family spokesperson sheikani.
According to sources it is said that he committed suicide died in the early hours of today 23 February 2022 in hospital.
The Rapper’s last tweet set fire on social media as it hinted about his death, the tweet read as “I’ll return a stronger man.This land is still my home.
Rikhado Muziwendlovu Makhado known professionally as Riky Rick, was a South African rapper, songwriter, singer, composer, actor, entrepreneur, fashion designer. Makhado was the founder and owner of record label Cotton Club Records was born on the 20th of July 1987 and died on 23 February 2020. He leaves behind his spouse and 2 children.
Hotspotnews sends it’s condolences to the family of Ricky Rick and may his soul rest in peace.

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