Huawei gets sued after breaking South Africa’s employment equity law

Huawei technologies South Africa just broke South Africa’s employment equity act as it was just discovered that the company employs about 90% foreigners which means that 10% are South Africans.

The Department Of Employment and labour have since filed court papers against the tech giant as it also allegedly lied stating that it had permission from the Department of Home Affairs to hire 90% foreigners but it was found that the DHA only allowed Huawei to hire 40% foreigners with 60% Being South Africans.
The department says that 38% of Huawei’s senior management are foreign nationals with 87% (378 out of 435 employees) professionally qualified level employees being also foreigners and 76% of skilled-technical employees (138 out of 181) being foreigners.
It is said that Huawei planned to increase this number with no intentions of hiring any locals in the next two years.
The department has since warned other employers who are currently violating this act and said that “The department’s Inspection and Enforcement Services (IES) will continue conducting compliance inspections as per the set annual target and serving 95% of non-compliant employers/workplaces/users inspected with a notice by relevant employment law within 14 calendar days of inspection,” it said.

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