Couple Found dead along with their two pets in their home | Breaking News

A couple in Namibia was found dead along with their pets in Volgelstrand residence.

It is suspected that the couple committed suicide by overdosing on pet medicine as preliminary investigations done by the Namibian police showed that the couple inquired about pet medicine on Saturday.
When their bodies were discovered on Sunday after they put up a note that said Do not come into our bedroom, call the paramedics” pet medicine was discovered alongside with empty cups.
It is said that the motive behind the alleged suicide was committed because of the wife couldn’t handle the condition of her seriously ill husband so she wouldn’t manage to live without her husband therefore it was better for them to die together.

Rumours going around say that the couple is South African but this hasn’t been confirmed as the nationality of the couple hadn’t been revealed.
UPDATE : the couple has been identified and they are from South Africa and Britain respectively and were in Namibia for business purposes.

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