South Africans are now taking back the spaza shop sector

South Africas are now taking back the spaza shop sector.

With South Africa’s sky rocketing unemployment number ,South Africans are now taking over the space that’s was now dominated by Ethiopian/somalian entrepreneurs.

Local spaza shops started failing just when non South African citizens started opening spaza’s in the townships , SA owned spazas failed because they couldn’t compete with the prices from their competitors .
This is about to change as over 50k South Africans have just started their businesses and have formed a group where they share tips on how they Operate their business and the suppliers whom they buy goods from at a lower price.
With testimonials from the group have proved that the group is working as some people who just started their business thanked members for advice and information.
It is really good to see that entrepreneurs are really pulling their socks to better the lives of South Africans and themselves .
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