War emegers between two Lesedi FM presenters

The situation is starting to be tense between two Lesedi FM legendary presenters who have been on air for a while now, after making a huge contribution into the station.

They have been reports that Thuso Motaung has accused Thabo Kofa of trying to kill him and his kids, Motaung has said that Kofa and his people are plotting to kill him and if anything happens to his children people must know that its him.

But the listeners of the station have been on the opposite side of this story were they blame him, for using his wife position as the station manager to control other presenters.

They have been complaints about Motaung before we’re most presenters have said that Motaung makes their work difficult, but who to believe as Motaung is also making claims about his safety and of his family.

Both presenters have talent and they have made a name for themselves since they have been on the microphones.


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