Tsheole comes through for Babeile on Skeem Teasers

It has been a long tough 3 months suspension for sergeant Babeile after the chaos that he went through with his colleagues in the police station were he failed to arrest Alfios murder.

But it looks like the commander was too hard on him because he didn’t gave him enough chance to prove himself,  on his job which is something that has caused a huge blow for him.

But after the visit that he got from Tsheole last night Babeile is now having confidence to go back to work again, because Tsheole has asked for his help and it will be interesting to see how this two will be working.

Many people were starting to panic about their safety in Turfloop and now things might go back to normal.

It will be an interesting show to watch this month because everyone want to know about what happened to Alfious who was seriously killed on the prison cells.

Sergeant Rathebe was also accused of killing this young man who was out to secure for a bright future on his life that was well challenged by the bad guys who were just using him to get illegal money from him, and the likes of Alfret needs to be investigated.


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