Pampers brand in hot water after a toddler was hospitalized due to their products

Image: Pamper diapers shared by the angry mother

Pampers is one of the world’s largest, best, and most popular diaper brands. However, the Pampers brand appears to be in trouble for negligence. This comes after a parent whose child was harmed by Pampers diapers expressed her displeasure with the brand on social media.

The mother claims that the pampers diapers caused her son to end up in the emergency room. The diapers allegedly contained a rusted sewing needle that pierced her son’s skin.

Pampers Diaper with a rusted needle that harmed the toddler

She took to Facebook to warn other parents, writing “Parents Check your baby’s diaper before putting it on. This morning, I went to change my son’s diaper. I removed the filthy one and replaced it with the new one. When he started screaming bloody murder, I checked the diaper and discovered a rusted sewing needle inside my baby’s diaper. Yes, it pierced the skin. It was a luxury brand. Yes, I took him to the emergency room and made a few phone calls; I just wanted to warn other parents. Keep our children safe.
Yes, he is fine “.

Image: credit from the mother’s Facebook account

Her post went viral, attracting the attention of Pampers. She stated that she purchased her Pampers diapers from Amazon and that she contacted Pampers, Amazon, and her lawyers about the situation.

She went on to explain how the diaper company tried to keep her quiet by offering her a $50 gift card, which she declined.

“I did buy the diapers on Amazon.” I contacted Amazon, Pampers, and attorneys. I did send Pampers the information on the box so they could look into where it came from. They also offered me a $50 gift card as compensation for the inconvenience. They also hope I will come back and trust their products. I’m sorry my son was stabbed by a rusty needle because your product contained rusty needles inside. I will not be buying Pampers again.

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