Graphic Content| Bitter baby daddy assaults the mother of his child for fetching the child at school

Gender-Based Violence is a serious problem in South Africa and around the world. It is a serious violation of human rights as well as a health and safety issue. The world is fighting it, but having people like Thabo Lietsiso Sempe who don’t understand that people aren’t punching bags is one of the issues that keep us from curtailing the high rate of gender-based violence.

Image: Palesa after the attack by baby daddy

Palesa Ya Seponono, a beautiful woman, has unfortunately been added to the statistics of Gender-Based Violence. This comes after she was attacked by the father of her child, whom they broke up with a long time ago.

Palesa took to Facebook to express her dissatisfaction with cooperating. She described what happened the night she was attacked.

Palesa claims that the chaos began when she went to pick up her daughter from school on Friday night. Her daughter had gone on a school trip, so she arrived late. When she arrived at school, her eyes locked with those of her baby daddy Thabo Lietsiso Sempe, who lives nearby.

Image: Palesa in stitches

Thabo informed Palesa that he was bringing their daughter with him and that she should not bring any tricks with her. Knowing Thabo, she asked him not to cause any trouble and agreed to give him the child. He had a bottle.

When the teacher asked the child who she was walking with on their way out of school, the mother explained that he is the father.

Thabo suddenly attacked Palesa in front of their child, the teachers, and other parents who went to school to pick up their children. Thabo’s ridiculous act enraged people, and as a result, they are looking for him.

The lady was advised to have him arrested.
“This one needs a community intervention, he needs a lesson of a lifetime. I hope this lady has opened a case”.

The perpetrator who assaulted Palesa

“Men must be taught to let go even if u feel betrayed, hurt or disrespected. Jealousy and Anger are a dangerous combo!”.

Palesa ya Seponono

Keneiwe Mofokeng

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One thought on “Graphic Content| Bitter baby daddy assaults the mother of his child for fetching the child at school

  1. Khensani Baloyi October 5, 2022 at 6:12 am

    This man has put so many people through so much trauma he deserves to be locked up with no bail


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