A company hired a criminal after he hacked into their Security device software

The consequences of stealing are generally undesirable, but it’s a different story for a young man from KwaZakhele who lives in iBhayi. According to Ajit Gopalakrishnan, the head of Education at Jendarmark Automation, Sikho Mbutuma was hired after hacking a security device software designed by one of the best engineers.

Sikho’s academic background is unappealing, and he would have had a difficult time finding work under the country’s standard procedure. According to reports, the young man’s matric average was 48%, preventing him from pursuing his desired course.

Many people were taken aback by Sikho’s story, but others could relate to it.

“One thing I know is that big companies have top-notch Hackers, especially when it comes to software. They are aware that for every Smartypants, there is a smatter one “.

A picture of the alleged hacker

“School is not a test of intelligence or excellence; it is a test of memory, hence the required quotas to pass. Encouragement of youth not to study has become the norm, and it is failing our societies even more because the only know-how is to look for work “.


Keneiwe Mofokeng

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