Man born without jaws finds true love

Man born without jaws finds true love

The man born without jaws finds True love

Some people will never understand that true love can see past and withstand any obstacle in a world filled with superficialities, vanities, narcissism, and an obsession with image and physical appearance. Vania is head over heels in love with Joseph, who was born without jaws. The 41-year-old Chicago man was born with the orofacial syndrome, a rare congenital disorder caused by a mutated gene. He was born with a missing jaw. Because of his rare condition, he was unable to speak or eat with his mouth. Joseph found love.

Man born without jaws finds true love
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Joseph and Vania’s love story has awakened humanity in most people. The two started as friends, then they fell in love with each other. However, when asked if they are dating, Vania would say no they are just friends because she was running away from endless questions and bad remarks.

Vivian mentioned as time went by in their relationship, she didn’t see his face anymore but rather his personality and his spirit. The bad remarks eventually caught up with them when the two lovers finally made their relationship official and tied the knot.

Despite facing numerous challenges, Williams desires to live his life to the fullest with his wife. He enjoys playing the drums and sharing music, and he aspires to be a DJ one day.

She is stunning and such a beautiful person, I’m sure Joseph is a great guy and they are a lovely couple of confident and amazing human beings, best of luck to these two!


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