A Chinese-born Businessman, Jason Shao is running for Parliament in Lesotho

Jason Shao, a born and raised Chinese businessman, has decided to run for the Lesotho parliament election in 2022. Jason has been a Lesotho citizen since 2006.

He can be heard saying in a campaign video that is circulating on social media platforms that if elected to represent the country as a lawmaker, he will make changes that benefit Lesotho. One of the solutions he mentioned is creating a variety of job opportunities for the country. He also stated that the Basotho must always come first and that he works hard to support local businesses.”

Jason on his campaign day

The election will be held on October 7, 2022. While some disagree with his decision to run in the Lesotho elections, others support him.

“Cut him some slack, we have had whites as members of parliament before, if he meets the requirements then let the people decide.”

“In Uganda, Indians participate in real politics, clear example Salim Uhuru the Kampala central mayor is an Indian if someone attained citizenship, let him run for any office, don’t be a racist”.


Keneiwe Mofokeng

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