158 ‘undocumented’ Foreign nationals stopped and arrested at a roadblock

The South African Police services along with the South African National Defense Force stopped 158 Lesotho nationals from entering the country as they allegedly had no rightful documents to be in the country. 

Image: SAPS

The Lesotho nationals were traveling on the R702/ R26 crossing, where SAPS and The SANDF held a road block as this is the unguarded part of the border in Wepener area, southern part of Free State.

It is said that in the early hours of Sunday (05 June 2022) 13 Toyota Quantums, a Grey Toyota Regious, Red Volkswagen Golf and Grey BMW 523i approached the roadblock where 1 of the 13 Toyota Quantums failed to stop as indicated by an officer.

It was then that shots were fired from the Quantum and the officers retaliated which resulted in one male sustaining a slight injury, and was transported to hospital. When all the vehicles were stopped and searched 158 Lesotho ‘undocumented’ nationals were found and arrested as illegal immigrants. 

Two firearms along with a magazine loaded with rounds were found in the BMW Sedan. Five occupants (male) of the BMW were then arrested for possession of unlicensed firearms and ammunition as well as possession of presumably stolen property and are set to appear at theWepener Magistrate Court on Tuesday, 07 June 2022.

We commend joint efforts by the SAPS and South African National Defence Force, in making sure that they stop this lawlessness which was about to take place,” said the Provincial Commissioner, Lt Gen Baile.

The Provincial commissioner also concluded by saying that “As law enforcement agencies we will never allow a situation where people want to do as they like and not obey our laws.”


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