Municipal worker presumed drowned after his vehicle was found in a river | KZN

image: RUSA

KZN – A municipal worker who went missing since Saturday Night was presumed to have drowned after his car was discovered submerged in a river in Ogunjini on Monday morning.

Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) was called up for assistance after a community member noticed a portion of the roof of a car (Toyota Etios) peeking from the river.
When RUSA members were dispatched to the scene they found a large crowd gathered around the banks of the river.
The driver was confirmed that he lived in the area and could not be located after the floods that hit KZN on Saturday night.
It is believed that his car was swept off a bridge after water levels from the river increased due to the heavy rains.
RUSA members searched for the driver by swimming in the water however the driver was not found in his vehicle.
The SAPS search and rescue also conducted a search of the river around the car without success.
It has been established that two people were presumed drowned as more information stated that the driver was traveling with another person after attending a funeral in the Free State.
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