Two presumed dead in structural collapse ~KWA-ZULU NATAL

Image: RUSA
Two presumed dead in structural collapse, Everest Heights – KZN

Last night(Monday), two men were assumed to be dead after an outbuilding fell on them at Olivine Road in Everest Heights, KZN. 
At approximately 23:47, Reaction Unit of South Africa (RUSA) members were called out to the property after the building had collapsed on the two men.
It is said that the third person who lived in the outbuilding along with the victims, managed to escape unharmed.
The survivor claimed that he tried waking his friends before leaving but they didn’t wake up. With his attempts failing, he left the room and the room collapsed minutes later. 
The Reaction Officers have tried retrieving the bodies that were trapped under several tons of debris, but because of the heavy rain, the recovery had to be abandoned. 
The recovery is expected to continue today, Tuesday. 
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