Search for Rapist tenant launched | kzn

Hotspotnews prevously reported a story about a 52 year old man who was found sleeping with a 14 year old girl.

Law enforcement is currently looking for the 52 year old man after this story caused a public outcry.
The 53 year old man was let go by the South African police services (SAPS) after he opted to place charges on the father with Assault GBH.
The family then didn’t press charges against the tenant as they were scared of the arrest of the girls father.
It is also said that the suspect’s room was cleared out by his extended family and no forwarding address was given.
A rape case has since been registered and a search for the suspect has been launched. Currently the more are several GBV groups working hand in hand with RUSA and SAPS.
Anyone with information is requested to contact the numbers below.
Reaction Unit South Africa
SAPS (10111)

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