Pedestrian was stabbed during robbery ~KZN

Image: RUSA
A pedestrian was stabbed during a robbery in Verulam,KZN

An 18-year-old Malawian national was walking down the street from Mslasini to his place of employment in the Verulam CBD, he accounted three people who attacked him on his right leg because he had nothing of value to them. 
It is said that the three people who attacked him, robbed on Todd Street in Vicinity Heights -KZN this morning, Wednesday. 
Fortunately, the victim managed to walk extra miles to the mosque on the lower end of Wick Street where he sought assistance. 
Community members contacted RUSA(Reaction Unity of South Africa) at 07:46. Upon arrival, Reaction Officers noticed the bleeding left leg of the victim, from a penetrating wound. 
The victim was transported privately to receive medical attention.
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