Fake liquor, shoes and clothing seized in Bultfontein. ~Free State

Image: SAPS 
A joint operation led to the seizure of fake liquor, shoes, and clothing in Bultfontein, Free State. 

After a joint operation was held, citizens are being warned to be vigilant of the fake items (liquor, clothing, and shoes) that are being sold. 
It is said that the members of the Bultfontein SAPS and the Destea personnel held a joint operation where they visited a minimum of 3 bottle stores and in their search, they came across what they least expected. They found fake liquor, which they seized right away. 
During the search, they also found out that even clothing and shoes were being faked. 
Large quantities of liquor were said to have been seized and destroyed. Citizens are advised to thoroughly check the items they buy to make sure they are the real product. 
The discovery is meant to send a clear message to the fraudsters to stop selling fake items to the citizens as the law has proved to be on the side of the citizens. The suspects are going to be fined heavy fines. 
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