Indian woman repeatedly stabbed in KZN during hijacking

images: RUSA

Warning: Graphic Content 

A 33-year-old woman who is originally from India was stabbed repeatedly during a hijacking in Ottawa KZN.

According to the victims In law, he had accompanied his sister in law to fetch stock for their  Chicken Tikka & Salon business.
When they arrived at the premises it is when they noticed two mails who were picking cardboards and cans and that is when one of the males approached them and asked for food or money.

They then told the suspects that all they could offer the suspects was a cigarette which both they accepted.

The man then got off his sister in law’s car to fetch stock he ordered for his business minutes later he heard screams coming from her sister in law and ran towards the vehicle where he found one of the cardboard collectors with a firearm and the second repeatedly stabbing the woman. They the three her out of the car (2013 Honda civic) and fled with the vehicle.

Reactions Unit South Africa was called at approximately 14:05 (15 March 2022) by people reporting a hijacking and also received calls about the woman bleeding heavily from multiple stab wounds to her body.

The woman was found to have 8 stab wounds and has since been transported to the hospital after being stabilised by paramedics as she was in a critical condition.


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