Hindu priest’s throat slit during robbery

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Police are investigating a case of murder following the killing of a Hindu priest in Richards Bay a week ago. -Durban 

Pundat Mano Maharaj(74) who is formerly from Greenwood park in Durban, moved to Richards Bay a few years ago and was living by himself in a complex in Arboretum. 
Last Wednesday, he was due to pick up a domestic worker from work a relative’s home but when he failed to show up, the relative tried calling his unanswered phone. 
 When the phone went unanswered, the relative called the neighbor who said priest’s car was not in his parking bay. Worry getting to the relative, two other family members were sent to investigate. 
The priest’s brother, Heram Maharaj said that when the two family members got to the priest’s property, the door was closed but unlocked. 
It is said that as the members walked to the bedroom, the priest was spotted lying on his bed with a pillow placed on his face. One of the relatives removed the pillow only to discover that the priest was dead, his throat was slit! 
Heram added by saying that his brother’s car, a Honda Ballade, jewellery, a TV, ATM cards and his cellphone were missing. 
Heram Maharaj said his brother had moved to the area from Greenwood Park about two years ago with his wife, Neermala. The both of them did not have children.
It is said that Neermala’s head was not good therefore the couple moved to Richards Bay so she could spend more time with her family. She passed away four months ago. 
According to Heram, Neermala’s death took a toll on his brother. 
He also added by saying that he had a very close relationship with his brother. As he also is a priest, he claims he often asked for help and advice from Maharaj when he needed clarity on certain prayers or teachings. 
Maharaj is defined to had been a mentor to not only Heram but many other young priests. He is said to had been a really harmless and kind soul. A soul that was not even capable of harming a fly. 
Heram struggles to understand why someone would kill him. 
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