Female tries extorting money using her N**** | Facebook Scam

Image: RUSA
Facebook Disrobed Scams: Chatsworth -KZN 

Cash is evoked from a businessman in Durban after he invited a female on Facebook earlier this month. 
It is said that the businessman, who is the owner of a Transport Company contacted RUSA (Reaction Unit South Africa) this morning seeking assistance after the female Facebook friend tried extorting R10 000 from him.
The 60-year-old businessman informed the Reaction Officers that on 11 March 2022, he apparently sent a friend request to a female residing in Cape Town(not confirmed) and the female accepted it. After chatting briefly, the female Facebook friend requested for his Whatsapp number where she sent him numeral N*** images. It is said that on the same day, the female demanded R10 000 be sent to her via eft. The man said he blocked the female on his social media. 
Later that same day, the man said he received a message and an image(picture above) from someone who caimed to be a police officer investigating a criminal case opened against him by the female. The policeman apparently demanded R3 000 to destroy the docket. He then blocked the number used by the policeman. It is said that both the female and the male continue to contact him from various numbers threatening to expose the chats to his family and friends. 
It is said that when the picture above is zoomed in, it identifies the police docket belonging to a Specialized Unit at Chatsworth KZN. 

Image: RUSA

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