Richester Foods responds to claims that their lollipops made KZN pupils seriously ill

The company that was accused of alledgedly making lollipops that made Primary pupils in KZN get severely ill , in a footage shared on social media pupils are seen crying at a hospital while holding their tummies.

it is alledged that the pupils got sick after consuming Xpop Energy Red Dragon lollipops.
This is what Richester Foods which manufactures the lollipops said in a statement.

We received a complaint about our product, XPOP Energy Red Dragon, causing severe sickness to children that has consumed it after purchasing it from a vendor Shop in Mphumulo, KwaZuluNatal. We would like to confidently say that this is not possible.
All the ingredients in our factory are sourced from reputable companies that follow all the stringent health & safety regulations as required for the food industry. Our factory follows these same regulations throughout the manufacturing process. All our products are quality checked throughout this process (from receipt of raw material to dispatch) to ensure compliance with not only the South Africa government’s regulations but also our own quality standards.
We have been selling the XPOP Energy Red Dragon lollipop since 2017 and we have not had any complaints about this product in the past 5 years that it has been available to the public.
All our products are developed with children in mind and we ensure that all the ingredients we use as well as the end product are safe to consume by children and adults.
Any queries related to this incident can be directed to:
Tel: 012 666 8606 Email: executivepa
Richester Foods Quality Control Team

Watch the video below 

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