Justice for Gauteng woman after she was Gang raped

Two young men, Aubrey Mukondeni aged 28, and Thabang Muswe aged 29, were both sentenced to two life sentences at Pretoria regional court after taking turns on a 43-year-old mom who had gone out in search of her son after she heard gunshots being fired at his workplace.
Lumka Mahanjana, the North Gauteng regional spokesperson for the Directorate of Public Prosecutions, said the young men were convicted on two counts of rape and assault, with intent to cause grievous bodily harm. 
“On 02 August 2018, a woman heard gunshots near her son’s workplace at around 3 am. She then went to check at the pub to see if her son was not ‘injured’ in any way,” said Mahanjana. 
When she got to the scene, she found that someone else was injured instead. The community members assisted the injured person home while she stayed back to continue the search for her son.
Mahanjan said that “Mukoneni and Muswe came running towards the crowd to the woman who could not run to save her life. They assaulted her with a sharp object and she lost consciousness. Unconscious, they pulled her to the nearest field that was by the river and took turns molesting her until she gained consciousness”.
It is said that a man who was collecting waste nearby saw the incident and alerted community members who then apprehended the men and assaulted them. The two men were then taken over to the hospital when the victim managed to identify them and also with the help of DNA samples one of the perpetrators was linked to the incident.
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