17 year old to appear in court for alleged sexual assault and assault charges

A 17-year-old Limpopo learner is set to appear at the Giyani Magistrates court today (28 February 2022) as he is facing sexual assault and assault common charges.
On Friday (25 February 2022) the suspect allegedly assaulted a 15-year-old girl at the Hivuyeriwile Commercial School in Dzingidzingi village just outside Giyani just before class started.
The victim then walked to the principal’s office to report the assault after the incident and the matter was referred to the disciplinary committee.
It is said that the matter was dealt with and it was agreed that the suspect would be suspended.
It is alleged that the suspect followed the victim to class when he continued to assault and threatened the girl.
Police were then summoned to the school and the suspect fled the scene when police officers arrived but were later apprehended when a manhunt was launched.
The suspect was released to the custody of his parents and the matter will be dealt with today in court by the Child Justice act.

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