“Sangoma” who raped a pregnant woman gets a hefty sentence

images: unsplash.com/sciencephoto.com

traditional healer identified as Moitshodi has been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

In 2019 a woman who was eight months pregnant at the time was told by the suspect who introduced himself as a prophet that she was going to get a miscarriage.
It is said that the woman feared for the life of her baby as she had gotten a miscarriage before so she didn’t want to lose another baby.

It is when Moitshodi told her that a ritual needed to be performed so he convinced her to go and perform the ritual to save the unborn baby.
The woman then followed the healer to his house and into an outside room where he asked her to take off her clothes, Moitshodi then took out some medicine and started running it on her belly then continuing to her private parts and then persisting to raping her. 
The woman then reported the matter to the police and the accused was arrested on 27 January 2019.
Note: images used were for rendering and are not of the suspect or victim 

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