71 year old man gets killed by a Bull

A 71 year old KZN man has passed away after being gored by a bull in the Westham area.

image from (African News agency)

It is said that Seelan Chetty was walking back home when the bull attacked him and stabbed him twice in his upper leg where he then succumbed to his injuries .

Seelan’s son Shaun Chetty mentioned that he and his family were shocked about what happened.
He said it would have been better if he died of natural causes than so brutally.

Shaun also mentioned that his mother only heard his father screaming by the gate and rushed to him where his trousers were torn and covered in blood .
Community members in the area mentioned that cattle in the area roam free without Herdman and they now fear for the safety of their children.
One resident also mentioned that they have been reporting this issue if cattle roaming free but the municipality doesn’t have the resources to confiscate the cows .
Source : IOL News

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