Sizwe Dhlomo in trouble after saying this about Lesedi FM DJ

The streets of Twitter have been busy since Tuesday after the revalation that Lesedi FM DJ Nyakallo Leine known as Ba2gada made about his salary on Macg show on Saturday.

Yesterday a fan asked Sizwe about this issue and the man was too jealous to say that he doesn’t know Ba2gada, and Lesedi FM listeners rushed to social media and gave him their peace of mind.

After few hours Sizwe posted to his page saying he apologizes to Leine and he onced booked him for a show in Bloemfontein and they have talk about that show.

This seems like Dhlomo was lying about not knowing this DJ which ended up in been on the wrong side of his fans.

DJ Twasa who is Leine colleague on the Lesedi FM also came through for Cadas saying his colleague is way much better than Dhlomo in this industry.


Source: Twitter

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