Anc gets heated hard

While other parties tries to put a final work to their election campaign, the African National Congress continues to to clean out their corrupt leaders.

This comes after the speaker of parliament Nosiviwe Ncgakula resigned from her position early this week after accused of corruption and fraud.

The Anc has been trying to clean out their cabinet since Ramaposa came in as the president of the party but expects beilives that this might heat them hard.

They are also people in the party who still beilives that Ngcukula resignation might be influence by the factions going around the party.

But why this happens with few weeks left to the election and how could the president allow a senior member in the party to go all through this.

There’s no doubt that everyone in the party is looking to be on the right side of the president and the media because they know that one mistake can cost them a lot during the election.

Mapisa was granted bail of R50k on Wednesday but her she still going to prove her innocence.

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