Tintswalo story shake South African youth

There has been mixed reactions across the country about the Sona speech that was delivered by presdent Ramaphosa on Thursday evening.

But there was a touching moment during that speech when Ramaphosa share the story of a young lady by the name of Tintswalo who was born in 1994 and enjoyed the benefits of the Anc government.

Tintswalo survived all odds by getting Grade 12 and Fet qualifications which is something that has helped her to found a job and provide for her family.

But after the speech many young people rushed to social media to express their emotion about how Anc government failed them and some have denied this story saying that Tintswalo is not working and she struggles like any youth in this country.

Ramaphosa promised plenty of jobs in the coming month and many opportunities for the young people across the country.

But with election coming in few months many opposition feels like Ramaphosa was unveiling the election manifesto of the Anc.

But maybe people like Tintswalo are true example of how the government has delivered services to the people of this country.

The sad thing about this whole story is that a lady by the name of Tintswalo has responded to the president on Twitter denying what the president said, she said that she is not working and has a qualification on pharmacy.

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